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Hold tight to your identity through menopause

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We’re heartbroken by the stories we hear about women going through menopause – whether they realise this or not!

What we hear

We hear time after time from women who:

  • Have brain fog
  • Gain weight and hate their bodies (menobelly is a thing . . . .)
  • Suffer a lot from hot flushes or night sweats
  • Lose confidence at work
  • Are afraid to talk to colleagues or managers
  • Don’t realise that menopause is happening (this happened for Sarah)
  • Are snappy or tearful with emotions all over the place (a hormonal effect)
  • Feel like their intimate relationships are in tatters
  • Are scared because of feeling like they’ve lost sight of themselves

But please know that . . . . . .

  • You are not alone
  • It’s perfectly normal
  • You are not going mad
  • You are not incompetent
  • Help is available
  • We are here to support you
What’s going on?

Hang onto your sense of self (which can be eroded by menopause).

Menopause is a day in time when periods stop completely. In the build-up to this over 1-2 years, there’s perimenopause. This phase is characterized by a reduction in 3 key hormones reducing: estrogen, progesterone, testosterone. Yes, we were amazed to learn that some level of testosterone is produced by women as well as men.

Sounds simple but the effect can wreak havoc on many women’s lives.

Our mission

Our mission at Mentrix is to put an end to menopause misery. Karen made this her manifesto with the thought that realistically this could be the last generation that suffers from being ignorant or ignored because of menopause symptoms.

All of this is a big shift. But the good news is that Mentrix understands what you’re going through and has tailored offerings to help you hold tight to your sense of self through menopause.

How we help

We support you with free webinars, individual coaching and confidence sessions, group courses with like-minded people going through the same thing, plus a range of information sheets and ebooks so you can be clued up at every step along the way.

We were astonished that in 1831 the average life expectancy of women was 43 (according to the UK’s Office of National Statistics). Frankly in that era, most women didn’t go through menopause. Maybe the phenomenon of those who did live long enough in getting to menopause or beyond gave rise to the misleading stereotypes of crone and witch instead of celebrating wise women with the life experience to help younger ones.

Which leads us to say that you absolutely can keep all this in mind. You can maintain perspective and support yourself through menopause. That means you can also reclaim an identity after menopause where your life experience and skills and assets are still so very valuable in later life.

Appointments just for you

If you want tailored support that focuses right onto the things that are bothering you most, Sarah and Karen are available for coaching appointments scheduled whenever suits you best.

Both of us have great credentials as coaches. Karen is a qualified executive coach;  Sarah is a coach as well as an accredited therapist too. Each of us has gained a menopause coaching qualification, so we know our stuff. Whether you’re affected personally, in your relationship, or at work – getting some direct support could be the smart thing to do.

The best way to start is a free 30-minute discovery call where we can talk 1-1 about the support you seek. After that, coaching consultancy sessions are payable if we decide to work together.

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